Designer Pages Feature, By Joseph Starr

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Marvelous Hand-Woven Rugs from Kechmara

Kechmara is a Nor-Cal based importer and vendor of beautiful Moroccan-made rugs, “bringing together art, history, design and luxury with several distinct styles.” The hand-weaving discipline is close to founder Ali Setayesh’s heart—he spent time during his youth visiting his uncle in the far-flung locale of Taroudant, a rural village south of the coastal town of Agadir.

Setayesh’s travels have been a boon for aficionados in the U.S. Kechmara (the name is an anagram of Marrakech) supplies these fine rugs—most of which are made high in the Atlas mountains—as well as home accessories.

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The rugs reflect deep cultural beliefs. The varied motifs reference local history as well as the personal experiences of the artisans themselves. Themes include fertility, spirituality, familial unions, good fortune, and sorrow.

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Ali Setayesh