Region: Middle Atlas Mountains, Morocco
Circa: Second half of the 20th century
Condition: Excellent
Size: 5.8′ x 9.1′ / 176 cm x 278 cm
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Typically woven of natural ivory wool with a geometric black or brown pattern, the Beni Ouarain style is characteristic of the nomadic Berber tribe. Often selected for bedding in this cold region, the Beni Ouarain is a versatile product, suitable to be displayed underfoot, as a wall adornment, or as a heavy blanket. Known for its thick pile construction and double-knotted weaving technique, this style is among the most durable as well. Symbolism is significant in this weaving technique.


Second half of the 20th century




Middle Atlas Mountains, Morocco


176 cm x 278 cm, 5.8′ x 9.1′

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